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Tickle Right tickles the right brain of kids with their innovative learning approach

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Tickle Right tickles the right brain of kids with their innovative learning approach

December 24
01:16 2021
Tickle Right tickles the right brain of kids with their innovative learning approach

Tickle Right ensures the holistic brain development of the child which is so important in the formative years. In the 21st century, the measurement of genius is not by how well individuals can recall information but by how creative they can be in applying the information. This shift needs to be supported by the training of the right brain for that is where the creative zones are located. The startup uses interesting learning methods like flashcards, science experiments etc to trigger curiosity and improve the thinking skills of children. Since there are no exams and no scorecards, there is no parental pressure on the child to perform. The children have the freedom to learn in a stimulating environment and absorb knowledge in their own way promoting healthy learning that can have long term benefits.

An early education startup, Tickle Right, is designed for stimulating the right brain in tiny tots from 16 months to 7 years. Founded by the husband-wife duo of Pranay Dattani and Dr Munira Dattani, Tickle Right has several centres across India and abroad. During the pandemic, they started offering online classes which had an overwhelming response.

Their classes have a batch size of 5-6 with a weekly class for 40 minutes. Tickle Right recommends that parents accompany their kids as it builds a strong bond. In the class, children participate in 20-25 interactive activities that are meticulously designed to stimulate the right brain and unleash creative potential, intuition, spatial awareness and emotional intelligence.

Tickle Right uses novel methods to encourage kids and build a sense of curiosity and love for learning. They believe that helping children to learn by discovery is a good way of developing the right brain. The brain has an infinite capacity to absorb and comprehend information. Starting early gives the baby a headstart in life. This has nothing to with academic prowess though it will have a positive impact for sure.

It is a known fact that the brain has two clearly defined hemispheres – left and right which perform distinct functions. While the left brain is responsible for analysis, logic, concentration, numerics, and languages, the right brain handles photography, intuition, creative genius, and emotional intelligence. Tickle RIght believes that stimulating the right brain early not only improves the emotional intelligence of a child but also develops a well-rounded personality that will help them in life.

Tickle Right believes in letting children develop their skills on their own via a play-way method that has been scientifically designed to trigger stimulation. 40 minutes of planned interactive in a week are enough to stimulate the brains of young kids.

The idea is to encourage independent thinking and let the imagination grow. Tickle Right is a holistic brain development program specially designed for kids that nurtures the brain and creates a healthy synergy between the two hemispheres. The purpose of the program is to develop a love for learning in young minds that will last a lifetime. Training the right brain early provides a very good foundation for little children as it helps them develop their cognitive skills and use their brains to their full potential.

To know more about the unique offering of Tickle Right and enrolment details of the program, please visit www.tickleright.com. This might be the best gift for a child’s future.

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