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Illuminate Collective: Purveyors Of Traditional Moroccan Rug Weaving

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Illuminate Collective: Purveyors Of Traditional Moroccan Rug Weaving

January 24
14:40 2022

MOROCCO – When Justin Vorel worked for an antique rug dealer in the States, he found the work utterly thrilling, as it provided an environment where his love for art and design thrived. After relocating to Morocco, the he and his wife were certain of what their next career move would be: they would become rug dealers themselves, founding Illuminate Collective, and offering select, vintage and antique pieces to cater to the needs of an ever-growing rug collector audience. Due to the increased demand for rugs of larger sizes, the couple took their business to the next level, venturing into rug production.

“We understood the importance of preserving traditional Moroccan rug weaving, which we found to be a dying art. While generations of women passed on their knowledge to those younger, it saddened us to see that most of them had abandoned artisanal tradition as it was not a viable option, money-wise. Tired of being paid below a living wage, traditional rug weavers had moved on to take other jobs, in order to support their families,” said Justin Vorel, co-founder of Illuminate Collective.

“Our company’s name highlights our principles: rug weaving is a collective effort. We care about our weavers and their families’ wellbeing; we believe that the bottom line should be measured by honesty and integrity. We know each of our 30 weavers by name, and we take immense pride in seeing them create each rug with passion, as creativity flows through their fingertips.”

Emphasizing the use of age-old techniques, all aspects of Illuminate Collective rug production involve the sensory and tactical use of hands: wool is hand-picked and hand-dyed; rugs are hand-designed and hand-weaved. No two rugs are the same, as each is the result of the weaver’s inspiration and handwork. Owing to the use of high quality materials, and natural wool processing techniques, Illuminate Collective rugs are plush, soft, and vibrant; bearing designs which cannot replicated by any mass-made, stiff, manufactured rug.

Illuminate Collective’s rug range can be viewed on the company’s website.

To learn more about Illuminate Collective, please visit: https://www.illuminatecollectiverugs.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: Illuminate Collective
Contact Person: Justin Vorel
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 205.260.2409
Country: Morocco
Website: https://www.illuminatecollectiverugs.com/