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The world’s important infrastructure – BetaMars will issue Land NFT on BSC

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The world’s important infrastructure – BetaMars will issue Land NFT on BSC

January 24
20:48 2022
BetaMars Land NFT – An Important Infrastructure for BetaMars Construction

New York – The year 2021 is a groundbreaking year for the entire metaverse ecology. Developed by a top encryption team, BetaMars is creating a surreal metaverse ecological civilization. As a human-centered project, BetaMars integrates the product design and unique economic model of real-world civilization, becoming more and more popular in the metaverse market.

Land NFT, issued on the BSC, is one of the important infrastructures in BetaMars world. The total initial issuance of Land NFT is 10,000 pieces. Each NFT has five on-chain properties: image, coordinate, solidity, activation status and Elonpunk Pool status, which determine its ownership and attached resources.

As the main capital flooded in, the price of metaverse land assets is close to the realistic level. Celebrities and brands have successively penetrated the metaverse by purchasing Land NFTs or holding metaverse brand events, increasing the value of metaverse land to a certain extent. Currently, metaverse is still in its primary stage with huge possibility of expansion. The natural scarcity and commercial value of metaverse land will continue to increase its value.

Land NFT is the thread of BetaMars world development as well as the core ecological component of the sustainable development of BetaMars world civilization. In BetaMars 1.0, players, as the roles of Miner and Lord, together mine resources on the Land NFT. In the later 2.0 and more versions, BetaMars world civilization will come forth based on Land NFT. Cities, businesses, and cultures will also be born. Land NFT will show infinite ecological and commercial value with the development of BetaMars world civilization.

Source: Twitter @Betamars2025

BetaMars Land NFT will usher in value growth in the future with great potential!

The development potential of the BetaMars project is an important indicator for evaluating the sustainable development of its Land NFT ecological value. At present, the excellent team and strong capital behind the project will bring sustainable development potential to BetaMars Land NFT.

About the team:  

A strong project ecology is the main driving force for the growth of Land NFT value. BetaMars team members come from all over the world. They are all well-experienced in the encryption sector. Zach, CTO of BetaMars, has previously built BitShares and EOS with BM. Silvia, CEO of BetaMars, has led the team to participate in the production of MOBA games League of Legends. Currently, BetaMars’ innovative product design around the metaverse has gradually become popular in the metaverse market.

About the partner & investor:

The investment of well-known institutions is also an important indicator for users to choose projects. BetaMars has received seed investment from Kryptos, GameMine Capital, HOT DAO, Youbi Capital, Pluto Capital, which have invested high-quality projects such as DeBank, Mask, DOT, and Flow in their early stage.

About development track: 

As scarce resources, metaverse market and land NFT continue to be hot. The total sales value of “land”, an important infrastructure of the metaverse, increased greatly in 2021. According to Nonfungible, the total sales growth rate of land NFTs reaches 1377% from January 14th, 2021 to January 14th, 2022. Metaverse is still in its primary stage. With the development of the metaverse, the Land NFT will be expected to achieve continuous growth in value.

How to obtain Land NFT? 

At present, BetaMars has not been officially launched, and there is only one way to obtain Land NFTs. The first BetaMars Land NFTs will be listed on the Binance exchange market on January 25th.

After BetaMars online, it will open the NFT land trading market, where players can freely buy and sell Land NFTs. At the same time, the market is also a vital channel for BetaMars to issue additional land auctions. The additional Land NFT will be traded in BetaMars land market by Dutch action. The BetaMars ecological token Elonpunk can be used to purchase lands. Click https://twitter.com/Betamars2025 for more details and updates about NTF issue. 

In the metaverse era, human beings will live in a completely new economic and ecological environment that is markedly different from today. If regarded today as the primary stage of digital civilization, the metaverse will be an advanced form. In human civilization development, digital civilization may be born in the metaverse after primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, and industrial civilization. That is what BetaMars pursues. How will BetaMars develop in human civilization exploration? What kind of value growth will land NFTs have in the future? Everything is unknown. But it is true that now is the best time to promote the project.

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