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SURVIVE – The fastest and highest paying interest token

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SURVIVE – The fastest and highest paying interest token

April 14
18:00 2022

MAXIMUM is building the first community-owned token using an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol with high fixed APY to create financial freedom for their community.

MAXIMUM provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable, fixed compound-interest return through auto-staking. Their innovative MAXIMUM Formula is based on a mathematical formula and has an entirely different and more comprehensive mechanism than other competitors. 

Introducing the MAXIMUM Protocol

  • The Highest Fixed APY worldwide – 10,019,148%
  • First DAO worldwide using an auto-staking & compounding protocol
  • The world’s fastest rebase protocol. Get rewards every 3 seconds / 28,800 times daily

The MAXIMUM Protocol uses an innovative system to support its price and the rebase rewards. It includes the MAXIMUM Cover Fund (MCF), which serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of the MAXIMUM Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.000001096% rebase rate paid to all $MAXIMUM token holders every 3 seconds.

How can MAXIMUM sustain an APY that large?

The MAXIMUM team has created a product with sustainability and growth in mind. Due to our low token supply of 325,000, an auto-burn fee of 2.5%, and a 3-second rebase schedule, we expect exponential growth.

We encourage volume as that provides the protocol with revenue into the Treasury as a 2.5–4.5% tax and an additional 5% into the MAXIMUM Cover Fund (MCF) wallet. This offsets more than the daily interest awarded. We expect these measures to sustain the APY.

The more $MAXIMUM traded daily, the bigger the Treasury & MCF balance grows automatically to aid long-term sustainability and future growth. We also have a MAXIMUM Auto-Liquidity Engine (MALE), which automatically injects an additional 4% liquidity every 48 hours to maintain protocol stability and make sure the APY is upheld for the entire life of MAXIMUM.

Sustainable & Safe Protocol

NO TEAM TOKENS – The MAXIMUM Team will NOT hold any tokens. The only tokens owned by the Treasury will be collected via accumulating trading fees. We are committed to the project’s longevity, and thus the $MAXIMUM team cannot dump on you.

NO EXTRA MINT OR HIDDEN TOKENS – The $MAXIMUM smart contract has NO ability to mint extra tokens, nor can the supply be manually increased or used in an artificial way to change the initial supply by awarding ourselves free tokens. The initial supply is 325,000 tokens only (please see the breakdown above).

NO RUG PULL – Liquidity will be locked for 100 years via PinkSale, which cannot be touched or released early. (This means that you as a token holder will ALWAYS have the freedom to buy/sell whenever you like without restrictions or complications – the tokens you buy are yours and remain in your wallet and are never ‘locked’).

NO BOTS – All front run and sniper bots will be instantly blocked by the MAXIMUM smart contract blacklist feature. Our smart contract cannot block regular wallets, only contracts i.e., bots.

Pre-sale &Launch are coming soon:

MAXIMUM will follow a Fair Launch and will adhere to Fair Launch Rules so everyone will be able to acquire $MAXIMUM tokens in an identical way on the PinkSale platform using BNB.

MAXIMUM aims to lead the development of DeFi 3.0 andthey have prepared one of the biggest crypto launches in 2022.The fair launch will be in April 2022.


Website: maximumdao.finance

Telegram: https://t.me/maximum_token

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maximum_token

Media Contact
Company Name: MAXIMUM
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: www.maximumdao.finance