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Adam the God of Adam: The First Global DAO Decentralized Eco-System

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Adam the God of Adam: The First Global DAO Decentralized Eco-System

April 14
19:20 2022

In 2021, demanding applications such as DAO, NFT, GameFi, GameFi, etc. have spawned the future of DAO and multiple market segments in everyday life. Since then, various DAOs has been introduced, such as Constitutional DAOs, Assange DAOs, and Assange DAOs and the current DAOs have shown a diversified development in the industry. There were more than 20 projects and applications in various sectors for over 20 years. It is said in the Year 2022, DAOs are the hottest in the market.

DAO is a new way of human organization collaboration, and it is also one of the most potential directions in the future social organization structure. DAO is an organizational form derived from the core idea of ​​blockchain (co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing of collaborative behaviors spontaneously generated by groups that reach the same consensus). A by-product of building trusts between the two difference group. A DAO encodes the management and operational rules of an organization on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts, thereby enabling an organization that operates autonomously without centralized control or third-party intervention. DAO has the characteristics of full openness, autonomous interaction, decentralized control, complexity and diversity, and emergence. It is different from traditional organizational phenomena, DAO is not limited by the space of the real life, and its evolution process is driven by events or goals, establishing rapidly, spreading and highly interactive, and automatically disbanding with the disappearance of goals.

Adam the God of Adam, the first global DAO decentralized ecosystem, will completely subvert the traditional DEFI, restructure the DEFI concept, and implement the concept of “consensus, co-construction, sharing, and mutual benefit” in DAO governance. Adam is an international project initiated by the DAO community all over the world. It is a number of application-oriented tokens. It has a strong deflation mechanism, a destruction mechanism, and a wide range of application scenarios. Furthermore, it is a real application and real value, it is the digital currency in 2022.  Adam’s key plan is to create Adam’s decentralized ecology by launching the DAO alliance, which includes: community self-governance activities, voting, community group purchases around the world, metaverse games, and NFT. The idea of Adam is to serve the society, so that every consensus participant who participates in Adam can get the maximum return and reward.

Adam has eight characteristics, namely DFEI, community group purchase, entity application, NFT, social networking, exchange board, chain game, and metaverse. Its goal is to democratically build a big ecology, that is, to build a strong community and consensus first, then jointly build the Adam ecology, so that shareholders can spend, dine, drink and play in the Adam ecology. The most important thing is that Adam is completely self-governed by its own community, and every transaction chain can be checked, fair, transparent for all. All players in the bank are the shareholder, community autonomy, ecological co-creation, and open to everyone.

Adam will contribute to a better world such as a decentralized enable with the help of blockchain technology, whose core values include the freedom to transaction, instantly pay and receive any amount of money, anytime, anywhere. To reduce risk for merchants, Adam transactions are secure and irrevocable, and contain no sensitive or leaking personal information of customers. Transparent and neutral, all information of the Adam funding itself is stored on the blockchain, which can be checked and used by anyone in real time.  The Adam processing its payments with no or minimal fees. Security and Control – Adam’s users are in complete control of their transactions. Smart contracts, Adam’s use of smart contracts means that blockchain transactions go far beyond the basic functions of currency transactions.

In addition, Adam will issue its own token. The token is the integration of DEX, DeFi, NFT, DAO, GameFi, and blind box reward. Adam is used as the only transaction token so that players can trade themselves more safely and quickly. The future Adam is a multi-platform of cash flow, information flow and value flow. This will build a global DEX+DeFi+NFT+DAO ecosystem, and gradually form a relatively complete organizational form and operate very effectively. The God of Adam empower DAO organization in operation, promote the appreciation of governance tokens, stimulate the interaction between members, and attract more people to join the DAO, establishing a positive feedback loop. The God of Adam hopes to allow more people to participate in DeFi and DAO governance with a low threshold and depth, subvert and reshape the DeFi ecology, and become a public-level entry to the DeFi world!

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