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Stripto Marketplace Announces CEX Listing.

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Stripto Marketplace Announces CEX Listing.

April 15
04:40 2022

Stripto.io, the world’s first NFT marketplace that allows users to buy NFT products at the guaranteed lowest price, employs a dynamic pricing mechanism. The uniquely designed pricing protocol will entirely revolutionize the traditional way of buying and selling NFT products. The product, NFT marketplace, is set to be released in Q2 of 2022, and the test-net launch is expected to go live in the next few weeks. Users will have to spend $STRIP-the platform’s native token to use this product.

CEX listing

Stripto is thrilled to announce the listing of its native token $STRIP being available to trade on Bitrue (a centralized exchange) from the next week. Bitrue ranks 3rd (based on the trading volume data provided by Coingecko at the time of publishing). STRIP/USDT to be listed on Bitrue after vote success. The BTR-voting commences on April 15th, 11 UTC.

CEX listing is another major milestone for Stripto and the Stripto community. “We have now added the token to multiple exchanges – both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX), which will help grow our ecosystem by attracting long-term holders, first-time investors, as well as better liquidity”, the team added. 

This will also ensure the Defi revolution is gaining international traction with us in the lead. As a result of this progress, we will be able to expand the thriving community at Stripto while ensuring the $STRIP token will receive more liquidity and accessibility.

Product Development

Led and operated by a team of skilled blockchain developers, Stripto is currently in the stage of releasing its product on the BSC test-net this month, followed by a main-net launch. This is a significant milestone to establish the project’s integrity and garner feedback and suggestions to improve its quality.

Powered by the BSC network, Stripto is leveraging an innovative pricing model for discounts and rewards to create/launch/buy/sell NFTs on its marketplace. The $STRIP token is community-driven and has a real use case. Albeit under development, the Stripto marketplace product will, once launched, enable anyone to connect, using a decentralized wallet, to the BSC network, and buy/sell NFTs on the platform. According to the team, the ‘strip the price’ protocol can be exclusively accessed by $STRIP token, thereby creating the demand for the token in the market.

About Stripto

On the Stripto marketplace, every product will have two buying options: a regular listed price and a ‘hidden price’. If a user decides to unlock the hidden price, they can spend $STRIP tokens and unlock it for ten seconds. As soon as a user spends a token, the product’s price drops. The price drops because the stripping protocol deducts the value (current market price) of $STRIP tokens spent on that particular product. In those ten seconds, the product will be exclusively available for the user(s) who are participating at that particular time. This offers a fair chance to every user. The user can quickly decide to buy the product at a shown price or can wait for a further drop in price. Imagine hundreds of people using $STRIP tokens each to unlock the hidden price. The price will keep dropping until someone decides to push the BUY button before the countdown of ten seconds ends. 

What’s next?

Stripto recently partnered with Fabwelt – a blockchain-based high-end gaming company. Stripto is now taking a step in the gaming sector. Through this partnership, Stripto will be able to cater to a new community i.e., gaming. Also, the project is in process of multiple tie-ups and planning to get other projects on board before the product launch.

The Stripto roadmap has a number of developments planned during the upcoming months. At its early stage of development, they intend to implement a feedback system that can collect feedback from the users that can be used to improve, evaluate, and implement the platform. 

Using Stripto’s unique pricing model, buyers enjoy a competitive environment while sellers can sell their NFTs at high discounts while retaining the listed price, resulting in major profits. The innovative pricing mechanism offers a win-win for buyers and sellers and has huge financial potential. 

Stripto is set to change the narratives of the NFT industry by integrating its dynamic pricing protocol. Be sure to follow the latest news to learn what’s next for the project.

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