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Global World International Brand Legislation is Urgent

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Global World International Brand Legislation is Urgent

April 19
14:04 2022

World brand development committeeDeputy secretary general)luliu

Global counterfeit brands have become the second biggest cancer and the first biggest danger to human health and safety, and are continuing to flood and spread in global international trade. Tracking and summarizing the statistics of global fake and fake brands are directly related to brand politicization and brand interest. As the key core of global international trade and the core task of four-level economic health, world international brands are unscientific, unfair and unreasonable based on the culture, laws and customs of any country and nation. According to the opinions and requirements of the representatives of various countries ambassador to the United Nations in the world brand organization participating in global international trade, taking the wibeis world international brand evaluation index system of the neutral non political and non interest group world brand organization as the core to carry out global international brand legislation is the best solution to solve counterfeit brands and extended brands.

Global non politicized and non profitable world international brand legislation is urgent. Global brand legislation is not only the objective need of global international trade is pragmatic, but also the most powerful guarantee for the health, safety, reliability, rest assured and happiness of people all over the world.

WIBDC “International Branding Legislation” Solicitation is Underway Globally

As the core law in global international trade, the “International Brand Law” is directly related to the participation of various countries in international trade. It is not only the world law for countries’ brand commodity to participate in international trade, but also the international rules that countries must abide by in international trade. Therefore, this global international brand legislation is of great significance. It is not only related to the development of the world economy, but also protects the health, safety and happiness of all human beings under the background of non-political and non-interest-based protection.

Now solicit specific contents and plans from governments, organizations and brand enterprises all over the world in an open, fair and just manner (countries, big or small, strong or weak, organize some governments and non Politics). It is hoped that through this most extensive global public solicitation of opinions and suggestions, the world’s fairest, most reasonable and most scientific “International Brand Law” content and plan can be collected.

World international brand legislation committee

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