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DaoSwap may become the first decentralized STO securities issuance platform introduced in Venezuela.

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DaoSwap may become the first decentralized STO securities issuance platform introduced in Venezuela.

April 19
18:48 2022

Venezuela once received widespread attention from the world for its launch of the petro currency. Venezuela also hopes to use digital currency to evade financial sanctions led by the United States. However, although there is a petro currency, its trading scenarios are minimal, with a scale of 100 million tokens. Although issued as one of the country’s official currencies, the petro currency is not commonly used. The Venezuelan government hereby announced that it is considering cooperating with DapSwap, which may allow more petro in circulation and a broader application scenario.

DaoSwap is an STO issuance platform with complete cross-chain exchange (access to TRON, BSC) and transaction protocols. It is committed to creating a DAO community ecological tool directed at Web3. Its diversified ecological functions can better serve users using various DEX tools such as STO, Swap, Earn, Farm, etc. DaoSwap provides brand new solutions and community governance for DAO autonomy, making it an innovative tool platform of “DEFI aggregator + DAO community governance.”

DaoSwap is a decentralized STO exchange based on the TRON chain. Daoswap has a complete cross-chain exchange and trading protocol, and will open up multi-chain support such as BSC, Polygon, and ETH in the future.

In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, users can also pledge LP trading pairs in the liquidity pool to participate in liquidity mining.

DaoSwap uses DAO tokens as the token of rights and interests in its governance ecology, and DAO token holders will be able to vote on ecological governance. Based on DaoSwap’s economic model and through the community functional governance mechanism of tokens, all participants participating in the DAO community can obtain better experience and services through the new STO issuance mechanism, which will make DaoSwap’s entire ecological system. Development is more convenient and faster.

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