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Gaming and Web3, When will the world pivot? Looking at Rainmaker Games and Where Gaming is Heading in 2022 (and Beyond)

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Gaming and Web3, When will the world pivot? Looking at Rainmaker Games and Where Gaming is Heading in 2022 (and Beyond)

June 03
15:54 2022
Rainmaker Games is an innovative blockchain gaming platform that is empowering Web3 gamers worldwide

There’s plenty of hype about the possibilities of Blockchain and Web3 replacing Web2.0’s gaming paradigm. Due to Web2.0 becoming oversaturated and monopolized, more and more gamers are looking towards the potential of decentralized, blockchain-based gaming. 

With this in mind, the two main questions that everyone in the gaming world seems to be asking are, “When will the gaming world pivot to Web3?” and “Where is gaming heading in 2022?”

Rainmaker Games just answered those questions with their groundbreaking blockchain gaming platform. They are empowering web3 gamers around the world to play, connect, and discover like never before, trailblazing a path towards global web3 adoption.   

Rainmaker is paving the way for global web3 adoption with a few key factors:

– Creating a Trusted and Secure Access Point for Blockchain Games

– Discoverability: Becoming the Netflix of Web3 Gaming

– Early Adoption in Global Ecosystem 

Let’s look at where gaming is at and how Rainmaker Games is set to create a paradigm shift in how we think about Web3 gaming. 

Creating a Trusted and Secure Access Point for Blockchain Games

A lot of gamers feel lost on where to start, how to find games, and what to spend time on. They float around Twitter and Discord servers, but it’s a mess trying to navigate all of the legitimate options out there. Accessing the official website for whatever game the user intends to play is also crucial. The last thing anyone wants to do is connect their wallet to a fraudulent site.

Rainmaker Games provides a central portal that is accessible and approachable for gamers of all levels. That is the crucial piece missing in the space right now. Rainmaker brings it all together in an easy-to-digest manner by drawing in enthusiastic investors and simultaneously accommodating the needs of gamers. Rainmaker can help push blockchain games to the next level. 

Discoverability: Becoming the Netflix of Web3 Gaming

“If you build it, they will come” might be the iconic phrase from Field of Dreams, but try telling that to any indie game developers looking to cut through the noise of the Internet.

In today’s gaming landscape, developing the most engaging games is all fine and dandy, but if no one knows it exists, will gamers seek it out? The answer is obviously “no,” making discoverability one of the main challenges to the widespread adoption of Web3.

To this end, Rainmaker has been dubbed “the Netflix of Web3 Gaming“. Just as the film industry was disrupted by the one-stop hub to discover the most diverse collection of films available, Rainmaker is offering a search engine to find NFT games, as well as plenty of resources to point you in the right direction. 

To help players and investors decide which game is worth their while, each game is rated and reviewed by Rainmaker’s team of 50+ gamers and analysts. This data is meant to find the best games as simple as possible by empowering gamers with the information they need to make the best decisions. 

Plus, Rainmaker’s platform features a smooth, user-friendly interface as the cherry on top. After all, Rainmaker Games was founded by gaming enthusiasts who wanted to create the ultimate gaming experience. 

How Blockchain Gaming Fits into the Global Ecosystem? 

Rainmaker Games features the most extensive library of P2E (Play-to-Earn) games on its platform. Complete with data on startup costs, daily earnings stats, and user reviews, prospective gamers worldwide have access to valuable information before starting. The P2E industry has exploded in growth in popularity and is only continuing. It has been the early adoption of Web3 gaming from the least expected sources that’s helped accelerate global adoption.

Citizens from countries as widespread as Venezuela, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brazil found new ways to make ends meet during the global Pandemic that kept so many of us locked inside. Some crypto enthusiasts turned to blockchain games and P2E for gameplay and as a source of viable income. In areas struck by soaring inflation, lack of trust in fiat currencies, and substantial unemployment, blockchain gaming was an unexpected lifeline for so many.

The Future of Web3 Gaming in 2022 with Rainmaker Games

As you can see, the gaming world is set to pivot to Web3, and with tons of investment capital flowing in and high-profile games partnering with the platform, Rainmaker Games is set to be at the forefront of the next generation of gaming. 

From limitless discoverability, a secure access point to blockchain gaming, and much more, keep your eye on Rainmaker Games as we venture into the world of Web3 and blockchain games.

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