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From Underwater To The Skies: Idee Montijo Joins Air/Sea Heritage Foundation

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From Underwater To The Skies: Idee Montijo Joins Air/Sea Heritage Foundation

March 20
19:48 2023
The Air/Sea Heritage Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to investigating and preserving aviation and maritime history, has welcomed a new member to its team. Engineer, explorer, and photographer Idee Montijo has joined the foundation as an expedition photographer and field scientist. Idee’s passion for exploration and expertise in research and photography make her an invaluable addition to the foundation’s team of historians and archaeologists.

Florida, United States – As an expedition photographer and field scientist, Idee Montijo joins the team at Air/Sea Heritage Foundation, bringing with her years of experience in field expeditions and research.

With contributions to seven scientific papers, several magazines, and content appearing on NBC News and CBS, Idee’s passion for exploration has taken her to the depths of the ocean as a technical diver and to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro as a field researcher. She has even studied the indigenous Matis tribe during an expedition to the Amazon. She is said to be the first foreign woman to receive their tribal tattoo.

“I’m excited to lend my field research and photo-documentation expertise to the Air/Sea Heritage Foundation’s team of historians and archaeologists! This foundation focuses on conducting original field expeditions and research of our maritime and aeronautical history, so my skill set is a fitting addition to help them uncover the stories of our past,” says Idee.

As a course graduate of the oldest survival school in the U.S. and concentrator in Sustainability at Harvard University, Idee’s expertise in fieldwork is undeniable. She has participated in over 18 expeditions and has been elected to membership in The Explorers Club, where she served for six years on the Board of Directors. She also serves on the Board for Advanced Diver Magazine’s Exploration Foundation. She was an advisor for eight years to the national nonprofit Combat Wounded Veterans Challenge.

Air/Sea Heritage Foundation is thrilled to welcome Idee to their team dedicated to studying, investigating, and preserving relics, wrecks, sites, and stories related to aviation and maritime history. The foundation conducts or supports original field expeditions, and archival research worldwide focused on illuminating our nautical and aeronautical past.

“Having Idee join our team is a major win for us. Her vast experience and expertise in fieldwork and research will be invaluable in our efforts to uncover stories of our past. Her passion for exploration aligns perfectly with our mission. We look forward to the discoveries and stories she will help us uncover,” said Russ Matthews, president and co-founder of the Air/Sea Heritage Foundation.

With Idee’s expertise and passion, the Air/Sea Heritage Foundation is well-positioned to continue its work in uncovering our maritime and aeronautical history, to preserve and pass it down to future generations.

About Idee Montjio:

Idee Montijo is a renowned explorer, engineer, and photographer known for her extensive fieldwork and research across various continents. With over 18 expeditions under her belt, Idee has been featured in numerous publications, including seven scientific papers, SeaDuction Magazine, X-Ray Magazine, and USA Today. She has also worked as a presenter for Oceans for Youth, sharing her dive experiences with school kids. 

A graduate of Eastern Florida State College, Idee continues her academics at Harvard University, focusing on sustainability. She brings her passion for exploration and photo-documentation expertise to the Air/Sea Heritage Foundation, where she will join as the expedition photographer and field scientist.

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