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Phenomenal Ecosystem Based on Web3.0 – FreecitY Grandly Launched

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Phenomenal Ecosystem Based on Web3.0 – FreecitY Grandly Launched

May 11
18:48 2023

Since the awakening of human consciousness, the collision of thoughts and vitality has been linked to a perpetual motion machine, never stopping for a second.

The changeover of Moore’s Law is far less rapid than the upgrade of consciousness.

And the concept of “trend” almost doesn’t exclusively belong to a particular product of this era, this era is the “trend”.

In such a time of bursting imagination, we often feel lost amidst a myriad of complex projects. Perhaps we are always confused in our thoughts: Which project is better? Which one is closer to the so-called “trend”? Which project can make our life complete?

Everything is in motion and changing. If it’s hard to make a choice by thinking clockwise, perhaps we can think counterclockwise: Is there something constant in past and future developments?

40 years ago, after the birth of Microsoft’s window interface, the Netscape browser developed by Netscape was born. The horizon of mankind was broadened for the first time. Since then, blogs, chat rooms, news websites, etc., have emerged, and humanity has experienced the sense of freedom brought by technology for the first time.

We call this era web1.0.

Netscape browser was once the overlord of world information browsing, but who knew that it would be replaced by a company called Google ten years later, and it has been leading the industry for decades.

20 years ago, when applications such as Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, YouTube, Alibaba, etc., were born, we realized that in the field of the internet, we are not just a “spectator”, we can also participate in it, achieve real-time information exchange, and internet business monetization. Since then, the concept of space-time has been broken, and the boundary between virtual and reality have gradually become blurred.

This era, we call it web2.0.

When those large internet companies are sitting in the chair of leadership, the customized diversion, people-oriented short videos, and news distribution broke the tranquility of the times, we saw a company called “ByteDance” had monopolized the traffic.

From the birth of web1.0 to the emergence of the phenomenal application — Google, it took ten years. From the definition of web2.0 to the appearance of the phenomenal application — “ByteDance”, it almost also took ten years.

We see that every decade or so, there will be some changes, reflected in: technology and the internet are getting closer to human nature and giving more value to people.

With the advent of blockchain, we see the power of the terminator.

The emergence of Bitcoin has broken the last wall of trust between people, which is the dawn of a new era for mankind.

Back to the initial question: In this era of changing trends, what is constant?

It is the infinite approach to personal freedom and value.

Whoever does it more thoroughly has a chance to win.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has been more than ten years, this era, we define it as the era of web3.0.

Web3.0 is an era of the internet based on blockchain technology. It is fundamentally different from previous webs, that is, it realizes the true value of individuals. In the world of blockchain, every communication and interaction we have represents a transfer of value. This space will not have the concept of “copy”, we call it the “Value Internet”.

In the field of the Value Internet and the field of web3.0, a phenomenal application is desperately needed.

At this turning point in time and space, we see a shining star — FreecitY.

FreecitY is no longer just an ecological or project concept. In terms of architecture, FreecitY includes public chains, APPs, DAPPs, and other facilities and carriers; from the protocol perspective, FreecitY encompasses basic infrastructure, GameFi protocols, SocialFi protocols, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and DAO organizations in a complex ecosystem. It can be said that FreecitY is a leading and inclusive representative of phenomenal applications.

The characteristic of the world of the value internet is “To Do To Earn,” and when the ecosystem of FreecitY is gradually revealed, it will present an exciting era of “All To Earn.”

If we say that Web 1.0 opened a window for us, then in the era of Web 3.0, we are heading for the sea of stars.

FreecitY is headquartered in Dubai. Dubai’s geographical location can radiate unimpeded to all major regions of the world. Currently, early evangelists and participants are active in Poland and Russia in Europe, and in Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macao in the Asia-Pacific region. The development and operation team are a star-studded lineup, with its CEO ANNA LIUBAVINA having served as the chief marketing officer of Cryptology CEX, the marketing and operation director of Huobi Global, the marketing director of BiKi Exchange and the chief marketing officer of MXC Exchange. At the current space-time node of web3.0, with the addition of the star halo, we have reason to look forward to the future of FreecitY.

FreecitY is a huge aggregation of ecological protocols, as it includes public chains, internet middleware, GameFi protocols, SocialFi protocols, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and DAO organizations. It needs to be launched step by step according to the development progress. As for the NFT sector (DAPP), the beta version was launched on May 7th, 2023!

The approach of FreecitY is community-first, breaking the logic of past projects having an ecosystem first, then consensus. The essence of this kind of thinking is a return to the spirit of blockchain, because the origin of blockchain is to break the barriers between people through deterministic technology. Technology is an aid, and people are the main body. The NFT sector (DAPP) is essentially a community autonomous organization, and the idea behind it is to put people in front of technology. Through community-first, gathering talents and traffic, in the current blockchain environment, this will make FreecitY more robust.

Secondly, for the world of web3.0, NFT is equivalent to the concept of “identity ID” in the current web2.0 world. NFT is the admission ticket and pass of web3.0, and through the launch of the NFT sector (DAPP), more people will experience the value of NFT, and at the same time, they will have more rights and interests in the upcoming FreecitY ecosystem through holding NFTs.

The community building of the NFT sector (DAPP) is a very important first step in the entire FreecitY ecosystem and is the personal image of the upcoming GameFi, SocialFi, and DeFi in FreecitY.

While building the NFT community, the construction of FreecitY’s public chain is also in progress. In the world of Web 3.0, infrastructure is crucial. Its performance and load capacity form the foundation for the future development of GameFi and SocialFi. Currently, the main framework of the public chain has been mainly completed. Global technical contributors are fine-tuning and polishing the details to ensure stable operation after launch. According to the current development progress, it is preliminarily expected to launch between July and September of this year. For specific times, please pay attention to official announcements.

At present, FreecitY’s public chain token FCC has also signed listing agreements with some mainstream exchanges. Please stay tuned.

With the launch of the public chain, ecosystems such as GameFi and SocialFi will also be launched one after another according to the development progress. At that time, the entire ecosystem layout of FreecitY will begin to take shape, and due to the diversity and inclusiveness of its ecosystem, it will carry more traffic in the blockchain world.

Three days after the test launch of the FreecitY NFT section (DAPP), on May 10th, the “FreecitY DAPP Ecosystem Kick-off Meeting” was grandly held in Hong Kong! We are honored to have invited the President of the Asia Blockchain Association, Cai Zhichuan, and the Dean of the Hong Kong Institute of New Economy, TONY FU, to participate in the meeting. FreecitY’s CEO and the people in charge of related technology and operations also made face-to-face introductions and shared their insights. This is a high-level sharing session after the “2023 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival” in mid-April.

Subsequent developments and good news about FreecitY will be gradually presented.

FreecitY is a microcosm and phenomenon of the Web 3.0 world, a product of the times and a quantum entanglement of our pursuit of personal value.

Survival might be easier in the cracks, but constant choices can lead to confusion, the difference between these two lies in our understanding of certainty. Perhaps the real confusion stems from our uncertain hearts. I think, whether for FreecitY or for us personally, by continuing to practice the spirit of openness and sharing in the world of blockchain, the wealth we dream of will not be an illusion. By that moment, we will also achieve both wealth and personality, eventually welcoming the era of personal sovereignty envisioned by James Davidson.

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