Rainy Week to Bother Commuters Once Again

August 09 14:02 2016

roadNew Delhi, Tuesday, August 9 – When it rained in speed for more than a few minutes during the daytime a day ago, many thought that rains are once again set to make city streets get water-logged. It is just not that people do not want to see clouds covering the skies completely.

Poor drainage system on the roads in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad makes monsoon period unexciting since none likes to get stuck on the roads for hours without having any clue when traffic will be smooth.

Gurgaon, the often called Millennium City, faced horrendous situation when rainwater made the highly congested roads get submerged under water. Many people actually have to leave their vehicles on the roads after traffic movement completely came to a halt. Monsoon is said to be above normal this year, soaking lanes on more than a few occasions.

Weather is to be full of moisture this week as well given that 30 per cent to 80 per cent rainfall is said to take place from today till Sunday. The wind is to blow at the pace of 11 km per hour to 21 km per hour during the span of time. Chances of isolated thunderstorm are likely today. Rain with lightning may be witnessed on Wednesday.