Delhi Waits for Considerable Rain when Submerged States Eye Relief

August 26 14:53 2016

sunNew Delhi, Friday, August 26 – Intensity of the heat in the current month has troubled the Delhi population for a long time. In a period when ideally rains should be seen every so often wetting the lanes, people bore the brunt right from the sunrise. But then again, change in climate has recently been noticed from a little while.

It rained for a few minutes a day ago during the noontime. Clouds covered the sky to a degree, spurring the thought that precipitations may happen in considerable percentage. It has been recently when speedy winds along with showers made the day turn a bit cooler and kick off on a pleasant note.

Needless to describe that dampness and intolerable heat bothered Delhiites for a bit long this year even though monsoon almost hit on time. Not only the people dwelling in the metro city but also in other states were perturbed by warm climate. Intensity of sharp sun rays compelled many to opt for preventive measures. The majority chose to keep themselves hydrated when it became common for them to wake up to a sun-drenched day in the recent past.

However, sheer satisfaction of comfort was easily visible on the faces of Delhi residents the moment clouds began to come into picture. In some regions of Delhi, rains lasted for several minutes this week to make the surroundings soothing, adding to the spirit of festivity. Despite the fact that it increased humidity content, it wasn’t bothering since mercury wasn’t up to several notches. But still, the instant breather from sweaty atmosphere and prickly sunlight was introduced by trivial drop in maximum temperature and minimum temperature after precipitation occurred at different time intervals this week.

Given that August is a festive month, people thronged at India Gate and other popular destinations of the national capital to enjoy sudden transition in climate and spend some quality time with family by the end of the day. The pace of gust wasn’t high a day ago, however, it blew to offer enormous comfort in the late hours. August is anticipated to conclude with 50 per cent to 80 per cent of rainfalls. Higher temperature is to remain 33 degree Celsius or slightly below. Lower temperature is to be at 27 degree Celsius in the remaining days of this month.

Provided that 30 per cent possibility of downpour remains on the cards on Friday, the masses look all set with all possible measures to fight with wearisome weather, which gives birth to health complications like high-grade fever, pain in throat, infections in ears & eyes, rashes on skin, cough and cold etc. Problems have increased to a great extent for the populace residing in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Water level in rivers rose and reached inside the cities. Clogged water in colonies is giving rise to mosquito breeding. Power outage and voltage fluctuations swelled after rains hit more than a few states in the recent past. People are waiting for water to reduce as situations aren’t such to let them heave a sigh of relief. Most of them complained about not getting any sort of help from the government. Many do not even have clean water to drink.

Conditions are worse as not only older populace but also young fellows are contributing in the numbers of patients who are falling ill but facing trouble to visit the doctors to get their ailment treated properly since commuting has become a problematic task. The death toll due to dengue steadily carries on to rise. Worst hit are the people who reside in the areas where cleanliness isn’t maintained. Change in climate is not adopted easily by a lot of people. Exposure to sudden hot and cold temperature is also making inhabitants fall ill. According to latest reports about weather in Delhi, sunshine will not be a common scenario this week. Humidity in Delhi will be 73 per cent today, making the sweaty feel to come into picture.