Devotees Throng Temples on Janmashtami to Offer Prayers

August 26 14:41 2016

celebNew Delhi, Friday, August 26 – Janmashtami festival was celebrated with massive enthusiasm in several regions of Delhi and other states as well a day ago. People made sure to be a part of celebration, which is unique in its own sense. Srikrishna Jayanti is observed across the country on the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna every year. This time it fell on Thursday.

Despite the fact that it was a working day as a number of offices were opened, the spirit to celebrate the festival was high that led a lot of people to throng city temples towards the end of the day in order to take a glimpse of Shri Krishna’s spellbinding beauty.

In view of the fact that Janmashtami celebration gripped devotees on the festive day, several roads leading to Krishna temples witnessed huge traffic. The streets linking to Iskcon Temple of both Delhi and Noida, Chattarpur Mandir etc. worn a complete festive look. Premises of all popular temples of the city were decorated with colourful lightings. Multi-coloured flowers in various places of worship in the metro city added to the beauty. Followers of Lord Krishna in the national capital regions and other states observed fast and offered their prayers to Shri Krishna to seek his blessings.

Laddu Gopal’s idols were sold in higher numbers as everyone wanted to worship the God in their own way at home. Shopkeepers at various marketplaces observed the rise in demand for beautiful clothes for Radha Rani and Krishna that were beautified with laces and stones. Dahi Handi event grabbed eyeballs thanks to the interest shown by young men, women and kids who participated to make human pyramid. To break a clay pot filled with buttermilk that is hung at a height is one of the old traditions observed on Gokulashtami. Given that Supreme Court lately said that the height of handi should be no more than 20 feet, Govindas participated in the event but showed their protest by wearing black band and waving black flags.

The entire surroundings had unique prettiness given that schools kids who were dressed up like Radha and Mohan stole a number of hearts. Prize distribution ceremony was also organized in schools to back children. The festivity spirit was up in Mathura and Vrindavan too, rejoicing devotees, who reached there covering long distances to witness how everyone gets coloured in the beauty of Kanha. As per recent available reports, hundreds & thousands of people flocked the sacred cities to offer their prayers. Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi was full of people who wished to be a part of the place on the auspicious occasions. Appropriate preparations were done to manage the crowd.

Proper security arrangements were done to avoid any mishap. Chants added to the feel of Srikrishna Jayanti, the royal birth celebration of Lord Krishna. Here is to describe that no one was a man or woman while festivity was on in view of the fact that they all were ‘gopis’. The only thing to remember was Krishna as soon as all procedures of worshiping the Lord during his birth time was in progress in the temples. People from politics and Bollywood wished everyone a happy Krishna Janmashtami. Social media users posted updates to wish the same to families and friends. The timeline of several users was filled with pictures of their little ones who were decorated with little Kanha and Radha Rani.