Less Complaining Attitude Helps People Live Life to the Fullest

August 29 16:09 2016

happyNew Delhi, Monday, August 29 – Lucky are those who are breathing since life is a blessing from the Almighty. Happy are those who try to live it to the fullest by making best use of each day. People who value life can take essence from the aforementioned sentences, which have strong meaning.

The people who understand life’s importance are able to use each second for creative task which has some usefulness. Finishing various chores with sheer dedication doesn’t mean a person has no right to take appropriate rest and sometime do nothing. As a matter of fact, an undisturbed sleep is equal to meditation. Waking up in the morning post good sleep makes people feel fresh and discover new energy, which lets them to finish job without losing focus. It takes a lot of courage to excuse those who hurt you at a certain stage of time. But the kind of satisfaction and greatness one may feel within his heart after forgiving them is extreme. It gives a sense of pleasure.

More to the point, a firm handshake with confident eye contact are enough to put positive impact on others. The strong grip shows how happy an individual is after having a meet with an old pal or someone unknown. It is true that a thought can easily be conveyed by looking people in their eye. It has a great impact if a person is soft and good from within. This shows how serious a person is while expressing his feelings. To make life simpler, there is actually no need to wake up on a serious note and end the day in same mood. It is appreciative to be mature in decision you make but this doesn’t mean wearing a dull face 24 x 7 is required for this. A smile can ease a number of problems. Do not let the child in you die. Sing in the shower if you want to beat the stress. Showing a jolly side of yours to kin will bring them closer to you than before. Playing loud music for a short time is just okay but convenience of neighbours must be kept in mind as well.

In place of keeping the anger within, it is better to express it to the person who has annoyed you over any point. But at the same time, don’t make it a habit of yours otherwise others will not take a second to consider you a short-tempered personality. Pay heed to the points that can bring positive impact in your life. Keep a few secrets despite the fact that it is not an easy task and see how this increases fun quotient in life. It will be surprising to see a number of people showing interest to stay in contact with you in order to be a part of the secret stuffs you have been hiding from some time. Give up the give up attitude as early as possible. There is no word impossible in dictionary of the folks who certainly want to attain great success in life and do unexpected things with immense comfort. Who else can be a better example to cite at present than the Indian girls, Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar and Sakshi Malik, who caught the eyes of sports lovers by doing great in Rio Olympics, which concluded lately? Sachin Tendulkar, the legendary cricketer who is considered the God of Cricket, lauded them for doing something which was never done ever before. They got praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi too.

The masses should be brave in dealing with problems. The confident approach makes troubles to be inconsequential. It is true that problems seem defeating us when we make a mountain out of a molehill. The rivals are fast in make tactics when your weak points are clear to them. It is good to show yourself brave whenever likely. This will aid you steer clear of unwanted stress. Efforts should be made not to hurt anyone deliberately. Keep away from passing sarcastic remarks as damage done by a tongue stays forever and no sweet talks further can heal it ever. To stay positive, be wiser while choosing your life partner. This one decision is alone enough to decide your percentage of contentment or unhappiness in the later years. Happiness has a number of faces. The real peace can be achieved by letting someone borrow those books you never care to read again. Knowledge helps people gain knowledge and what can be a perfect way to let them have resources to earn understanding than lending books. Same goes with clothes and shoes.

Happiness and sadness are parts of it and nothing is everlasting ever. In spite of the fact that everybody wants to be on the winning side in each phase of life but let kids win a few games as this will create interest within them in future. An embarrassing defeat might end their interest in match, no matter, played inside or outside. In the end, the objective of being a part of sport is to have fun not to sadden someone who isn’t mature enough to learn lessons from defeats. One should be a good loser or winner. Praise the rival for his play at the end. This will be a reflection of true sportsmanship. Complain lesser and try to find a solution. To give a second chance to those who request to win your faith is worthy but they don’t deserve a third one if old mistakes are repeated for another time. Always stay close to the most positive and passionate person you know as he/she may guide you in the best way possible which can be a source of encouragement when remembered after having a look back. Never hold grudges since life is very short to live. Human beings should be ready to accept whatever comes with open arms. Value everything you have and don’t quit to give one hundred efforts to achieve your goal. The real sense of leading a successful life comes when tasks are done on time. This spreads joyfulness in one way or the other. Help underprivileged populace whenever possible. The smile you receive in return will be appropriate to get motivation to continue doing good deeds.