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In-depth implementation of the spirit of the two sessions to create a new “golden decade” in Guizhou

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In-depth implementation of the spirit of the two sessions to create a new “golden decade” in Guizhou

March 14
12:24 2022

In the sunny and warm spring, the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of 2022 are about to complete their agendas and come to a successful conclusion.

Carrying the glory of history and striving to create the future.

Looking back at the past 10 years, Guizhou’s economic growth rate has ranked among the top three in the country for 10 consecutive years, all 9.23 million poor people have been lifted out of poverty, the growth rate of digital economy has been the first in the country for five consecutive years, the “China Sky Eye” looks into the vast universe, and the forest coverage rate has reached 61.51%.

Behind each figure is struggle, innovation, hardship, and even sacrifice, and the people of Guizhou, whose faces are full of strength and fortitude, call this decade the “Golden Decade”.

In January this year, the State Council issued the document “Supporting Guizhou’s leading efforts in the country’s pursuit of large-scale development of China’s western regions in the new era”, which clearly put forward Guizhou’s strategic positioning and pointed out the direction of how to break new ground in the future.

Combined with the latest spirit of the two sessions, Guizhou will firmly grasp the great opportunity to make new breakthroughs, new prospects and new achievements in the next 10 years.

1, Promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy

Last year, revenue of the province’s electronic information manufacturing and telecommunications industries grew 27.8 per cent and 18.8 per cent, respectively, year-on-year.

Yang Yunyong, president of Guizhou-Cloud, a government data exchange and sharing platform, said: “It inspires us to catch up on opportunities brought by the guideline to beef up our core competitiveness in cloud development.”

With such efforts from the government, Yang said that the company is confident of achieving a production value of 2.1 billion yuan ($330 million) this year. In January, the company achieved a production value of 92 million yuan, an increase of 17.6 per cent year-on-year.

The move also came as the country has approved a project involving the construction of eight national computing hubs and plans to build 10 national data centre clusters including one in Guizhou province, in order to channel more computing resources from the country’s eastern regions to its less developed yet resource-rich western regions.

Guian New Area, a national-level new urban area in Guizhou, plans to create a hub of 12 mega data centres and four million servers with a fixed-asset investment of over 40 billion yuan by 2025.

National Big Data (Guizhou) Exhibition Center

2, Attract talents, promote industrial transformation and technological innovation

Guizhou Aviation Technical Development Co. Ltd. is one of the first batch of China’s “little giant” enterprises — innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) — and its products have been used in more than 70 models of aero engines at home and abroad. Similar SMEs are developing rapidly in the province. At present, Guizhou boasts 50 “little giant” enterprises at the national level and 139 at the provincial level, which serve as important new forces in the high-quality economic development of the province.

The province has also introduced an open competition mechanism to select the best candidates to lead key research projects. Since 2017, Guizhou has released a total of 24 lists of technological projects in 10 batches, launched 11 major scientific and technological projects, and offered 132 million yuan in funds.

Over the past few years, Guizhou has been striving to become a global hub of big data. It is home to one of China’s eight national computing hubs, which represents an important move by the country to channel more computing resources from the east to less developed yet resource-rich western areas.

In 2021, the province’s regional innovation capability and comprehensive scientific and technological innovation level both improved by two places nationwide, R&D investment increased for the fifth consecutive year, and the high-tech industry created an output value totaling 533.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%.

The State Council’s document clearly supports the construction of 11 important bases in Guizhou, which the province will utilize to strengthen its industrial transformation.

Guizhou Panxian-Xingyi highway, mountainous terrain into a thoroughfare

3, Improve people’s wellbeing toward achieving prosperity for all 

Guizhou’s “golden decade” has generated steady growth of incomes in both urban and rural areas, with per capita disposable income reaching 39,211 yuan for urban residents and 12,856 yuan for rural residents. The growth rate of incomes in the province’s rural areas has been greater than that of urban areas for 10 consecutive years, which shows that the wealth gap is shrinking. 

In 2021, expenditure on improving people’s living standards in Guizhou accounted for 70% of total public spending in the region. Around 640,000 new urban jobs were added and 1.4 million training courses have been completed across the province to boost vocational skills. 

At present, the balanced development of compulsory education in urban and rural areas has been promoted and higher education has enabled more talents to emerge. Meanwhile, the health care and pensions systems have been continuously improved, and life expectancy is rising. 

Yu Liufen, a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and secretary of the Party Committee of Yanbo village in Guizhou province, said that the State Council’s guideline has been an inspiring gift. She added that she will lead her fellow villagers to follow the principles of the document in forging ahead to create better lives.

Weining, Guizhou: Miao compatriots are happy to move to new homes for poverty alleviation

Starting from the spring, the people of Guizhou united more closely around the Party Central Committee with President Xi Jinping at the core, and sailed towards the glorious shore of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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