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IWM International Mall Officially Launches in South America and Africa, Investing $1 Billion in Local Warehousing and Logistics System

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IWM International Mall Officially Launches in South America and Africa, Investing $1 Billion in Local Warehousing and Logistics System

December 05
14:00 2023

On December 4th, IWM International Mall, an upcoming C2C e-commerce platform set to go public, announced its official launch in South America and Africa. The platform, known for its extensive customer and supplier base, offers comprehensive logistics, payment, and customer service solutions, meeting the needs of cross-border e-commerce. The company has invested $1 billion in constructing warehousing and logistics systems in these regions, aiming to provide top-quality and efficient services to merchants and consumers worldwide.

South America, an intercontinental market with a particularly active resident group, has a small but growing cross-border e-commerce market. According to internal professional analysts at IWM International Mall, the annual growth rate of cross-border e-commerce in South America was 8% from 2018 to 2022, and it is expected to reach at least $10 billion by 2025. Additionally, South American countries place significant emphasis on their local economies, encouraging the development of local e-commerce through favorable policies.

In the international political and economic landscape, Africa has long been overlooked. However, with the rise of the internet economy and the demographic dividend, the continent has become a driver of high economic growth. IWM International Mall forecasts that from 2020 to 2025, the African e-commerce market will have an annual compound growth rate of 15.5%, reaching a market size of $40.758 billion by 2025. Despite a late start, the potential for growth in Africa’s e-commerce is considerable.

The market prospects in both regions are broad, with both international high-end and local brands entering the South American and African markets. Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, IWM International Mall offers a new retail approach: multiple supply chain and warehouse outlets, fast shipping, and low customer investment and operating costs. Since its transformation in Singapore in 2015, the platform has gained widespread trust, boasting over 33.8 million online store merchants globally, with 168,000 warehousing facilities in its supply chain. The platform’s advertising at its peak reaches 77% of countries and regions worldwide. Its entry into South America and Africa will undoubtedly inject new economic vitality into the local markets.

IWM International Mall plans to invest significant financial and material resources in these regions, including a $1 billion investment to develop local warehousing and logistics systems, providing 386,000 square meters of space for IWM International Mall’s overseas suppliers. Furthermore, the company will adopt localized logistics solutions, improve infrastructure, recruit local management and personnel, and leverage new technologies to interact with users and customers, enhancing business efficiency.

IWM International Mall disrupts the traditional retail model of “goods first, store later” and covers over 110 countries and regions globally. Its compliant operations in South America and Africa will accelerate its global expansion, contributing significantly to global economic and trade growth, cross-border e-commerce development, and the establishment of globally influential logistics centers. IWM International Mall aims to provide reasonable, low-cost, high-quality goods to all consumers, offering substantial returns to participants.

IWM International Mall South America website: https://iwmwholesalemall.com/

IWM International Mall Africa website: https://www.iwmafrica.com/

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